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Road & Rail

Keep your feet on the ground with shipping by road and rail

Land transportation is dependable, timely, cost-effective and easy to monitor. If you need to transport perishable or bulky/heavy goods over a short distance then this is your go-to shipping solution. With no size or weight limitatons, ground transport by road or railroad offers many advantages for your freight.

Comprehensive road and rail transport options

Whether local or long-haul or anything in between, Pak Mail's freight experts will coordinate with our freight brokers to find the right solution. We find the most direct solution possible to expedite delivery and protect your cargo from potential damage. These direct solutions minimize handling, and therefore they also minimize the opportunities for damage to occur.

What else can we handle? All the logistics that let you keep an eye on your shipment at any given moment to give you peace of mind.

Contact your local Pak Mail location for more information on ground shipping options for your freight. We'll give you helpful advice and a free quote.