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Online Auction Services

Packing and shipping for online retailers

Promoting and selling goods through online retailers like eBay® is a well established and growing industry. The ultimate goal for an online retailer is to pack and ship the product that you’ve sold to the buyer on time, intact, and at a reasonable cost!

Safe and timely shipping delivery is the only way you ensure that your customers keep coming back and that they write favorable reviews, which will in turn generate new customers for you, enabling you to develop and maintain a successful online e-tail business.

How Pak Mail helps online sellers

Pak Mail will store your merchandise at our location, replacing your fixed overhead costs with variable costs, even lowering your costs or, if you prefer, we will pick up the goods from your storage facility. We will sort through your orders, pick the right SKUs, package the goods professionally, and ship them to your customers in a timely manner, around the corner or across the world.

Pak Mail takes care of the packing and shipping that is key to your successful order fulfillment, allowing you to focus your energy and resources on generating revenue for your online business.         

Contact Pak Mail to learn more about how we can facilitate packing and shipping for online selling.