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Going once, going twice, sold! (And packed and shipped by Pak Mail)

Auctions are a great way to purchase unique and often high value items, all of which can be a challenge to pack and ship. Online auctions open a whole new world of acquiring interesting objects of all sizes, and when we say a whole new world, we literally mean the whole world! The Internet allows us to communicate and do business with anyone, almost anywhere in this great big beautiful world, and after the virtual gavel falls, Pak Mail is there to ensure purchased items arrive safely on their journey to the highest bidder.

Around the world and across the web, auction buyers and sellers trust Pak Mail to carefully pack and ship priceless, sentimental, one-of-a-kind, and everyday items by air, ground, and ocean. We make your objects safe, and we make it easy for you to pack and ship them. How do we do it?

An international network of collective packing and shipping experience

At Pak Mail, we leverage the collective experience and resources of nearly 500 worldwide locations, allowing us to help online and traditional auction businesses receive 100 percent positive feedback from buyers.

  • We serve as a single online auction shipping source packing and shipping provider and receiving department.
  • We function as a warehouse and inventory facility, and often, a fulfillment house.
  • We provide a wealth of Internet-based resources including an online Store Locator, Request a Quote, and Package Tracker.
  • We offer local pickup for large, single, bulk, multi-weight, and recurring shipments.

Put Pak Mail's understanding of online auction shipping to work for you. Contact us to learn more.