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Domestic & International Shipping

Customized shipping options that are out of this world

Pak Mail has shipped items to literally every corner of the globe, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. As one of the world's top shipping companies, we have partnerships with several renowned air, truck and ocean carriers that offer our stores flexibility in selecting the fastest and safest domestic and international shipping options available.

With Pak Mail, you won't have a care in the world

We'll ensure that your fragile/awkward/overweight items are shipped with the utmost of care and attention. There are no weight or size limits for our international shipments, so once you've shipped your item with Pak Mail you can rest easy because our professionals provide real-time estimates and manage the entire process for you — from pick up to delivery. Your internationally-bound package, box, crate or cargo is safe in our hands.

Where in the world...?

To learn more about Pak Mail’s international shipping options, or to discuss how we can best help you find a creative solution to your shipping dilemma, contact your local store. It will do you a world of good!