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Pick & Pack Fulfillment

Let us store it, pick it, pack it, ship it, and track it

You've got a great product with a market of receptive customers. Focus on that and let us take care of the details in getting that product to your customers quickly and cost effectively.

Picking and packing to your priorities

Our pick and pack services are flexible, accurate and adaptable. We get to know your business, asking key questions that will let us make recommendations to make sure your customers get their goods and you keep your shipping cost effective.

We can help with every aspect from the most efficient way to package each shipment to the best means to get it where it needs to be. We use only trusted, experienced, and licensed carriers who will take delicate care of your package, and we keep a watchful eye on every shipment through our tracking technology.

Worry-free pick and pack fulfillment solutions that save you a bundle

Pak Mail is your local go-to source for all your pick and pack fulfillment needs. By letting Pak Mail handle all of the picking, packing and shipping for your product, you free yourself up to focus your valuable time and energy on daily operations. 

Find your nearest Pak Mail today to see how we can help fulfill all your businesses picking and packing requirments.