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Large Item Crating

Good things don't only come in small packages  let us help you crate your large items for shipping

Large and oversize items can be just as fragile (and valued) as small, and they present a unique set of challenges for crating and shipping. At Pak Mail, we see the crating and shipping of large items as an opportunity for creativity and we welcome all the good things you can put in front of us to crate.

Our packing and crating professionals specialize in large item packing, specialty crating, and shipping services. We handle items of any size, any weight, and any shape with expertise, efficiency, and security.

Armoires, and artwork, and electronics, oh my! Crating solutions for all the items you need to ship

We pack and ship oversized individual items, such as armoires, grand pianos and grandfather clocks, as well as artwork, antiques, equipment, high-tech electronics, and motorcycles. We can assist with items from your home, office, or warehouse. We can also handle machinery and industrial equipment with our state-of-the-art packing and crating processes.

Pak Mail's franchise-partners and staff carefully consider a wide range of factors when crating and shipping your large items, including:

  • The overall size and weight of your goods
  • The actual space your items will occupy in the crate and, equally as important, the space that they do not occupy
  • The configuration and stability of your possessions inside the crate
  • The destination and the number of times the crate will be handled for loading and unloading on its journey, and the method that will be used to load and unload it
  • The fragility of your goods
  • All possible protrusion points

There are a number of other realistic factors we take into account to ensure that both the packing and the crating are well thought out and performed in such a way as to withstand the harsh realities of goods that come into contact with man and machine, when transported.

With our customized large-item packing services and preferred network of specialized carriers, we can ensure the safety and timely delivery of your shipments.

Find a Pak Mail location near you and tell us about your unique large item crating challenge.