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Crating & Packing

Packing and crating services that set your mind at ease

Preparing to ship important items and belongings can be a smooth process with Pak Mail. We understand that it can be difficult to release your beloved gifts, belongings, and possessions, even for a short period of time, to get them where you need them to be. That's why we believe in coddling every shipment we crate, finding the best solution in crating or packing to better care for your memories.

Skilled in crating and packing everything from the practical to the memorable

Pak Mail Franchise-Partners and employees are extensively trained in innovative and effective packing, crating, and shipping techniques. This includes oversized individual items, such as a grandfather clock or a grand piano, to smaller items like the fine china in your home and priceless documents in your office. Relocating across the world? We will prepare and package your belongings for a shipping container, and well ease all your concerns by making sure you know - every step of the way - whats happening with the unique collection of objects that tell your lifes story.

Pak Mail offers a range of specialized packing and crating services to serve our customers, from the personal effects of one person to the treasures of museums and other organizations and businesses.

Explore our crating and packing services:

Don't see a crating and packing solution that's quite the right fit for your circumstances? Give us a call - we're eager to help you find the right solution to protect your valuables during shipping.