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Estimated Initial Investment

Your initial investment will of course vary based on the size and type of location that's secured, the leaseholds that may be required, the equipment package and local construction costs, among others. The range of investment shown below is the average amount of investment we have experienced to-date for a retail location.

The costs of opening your own Pak Mail location will vary due to some of the variables listed above.

Some equipment may be leased which will reduce your start-up costs requirements, but will increase operating expenses.

Pak Mail does not warrant nor represent that opening costs will be exactly as shown below.

Estimated Store Start-Up Costs

       low           high
Franchise Fee1 $29,500     $29,500
Build-Out Program2 (Design, Leaseholds, Fixtures &  $63,500    $85,000

Equipment, Opening Inventory & Supplies)

Total Estimated Store Start-Up Costs $93,000   $114,500


In the interest of full disclosure, you also need funds for the following:

Miscellaneous Expenses, Deposits & Working Capital

         low          high
Training Expenses3 $3,500   $4,500
Initial Marketing Program $5,000    $6,000
Security Deposits (Lease & Utilities) $5,500   $7,000
Professional Fees (Legal & Accounting) $3,500   $4,000
Initial Working Capital4 $15,000   $25,000
Total Estimated Expenses, Deposits & Working $32,500   $46,500










1 Amount shown does not include HST/GST.

2 A more detailed breakdown of the Build-Out costs is included in our Franchise Information package, which will be sent to you on request.

3 The estimated Training Expenses shown are for typical travel and accommodation expenses, based on out of town travel, with airfare. Candidates who reside in the GTA and can return home at the end of each day spent in training, will not be incurring the bulk of these expenses

4 In the interests of being adequately capitalized to start a business, we recommend that you set aside the amount shown above as "Working Capital", to ensure that you are in a position to meet your financial obligations in the early months of your business.


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